Please find out how your company may utilize Kraft boxes or Kraft paper packaging to promote its products. Select from a custom printed Kraft rigid boxes to Kraft paper window boxes.

When it comes to custom packaging, it appears that utilizing plain brown boxes is never an option. Despite their drab hue, Kraft paper boxes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to cardboard boxes. In fact, it’s because of this hue and the rustic style, long-lasting nature, and sustainability that it’s so popular.

Are you thinking about using Kraft paper for your packaging? Get the lowdown on Kraft paper, as well as some inspiration for your own custom boxes, by reading this blog.

What exactly is Kraft paper, and how does it get made?

Kraft paper is a form of paper made from pulp that has been processed using the Kraft method. Kraft means “strong” in German, and it is this characteristic that makes it so appealing.
Kraft paper is made from ‘virgin’ pulp or natural wood fiber. Other methods, such as solid bleached sulfate (SBS) or recycled paperboard, have a more significant sulfur percentage.

This sulfur ratio helps to keep the fibers robust and avoids cellulose breakdown. There is no bleach in coated, unbleached Kraft paper. Thus, it retains its rich brown color. This sort of paper is entirely environmentally friendly. It may, however, be bleached to produce white pulp.

Corrugated cardboards are also made from Kraft paper. It is layered during the fluting process to give the cardboard more strength and toughness. This form of cardboard is typically more durable than test paper corrugated cardboard.

What are the advantages of using Kraft paper?

1 – Kraft paper is environmentally friendly

As previously said, the number one reason to pick Kraft paper over other forms of paper is because of its environmentally friendly production method and recyclability. This guarantees that you, as a business, are not only making a conscious effort to produce environmentally friendly boxes, but that you are also passing on the duty to your consumers, who may recycle or compost the box.

One thing to keep in mind is that Kraft paper must be uncoated with any finishes in order to be 100 percent degradable or biodegradable. Because the thin layer of plastic lamination is not biodegradable, adding lamination to your Kraft paper box will lengthen the time it takes to decompose. You can learn more about it by contacting any printing packaging company near you.

2 – Kraft paper is a long-lasting and versatile material

The longevity of Kraft paper is the second reason to use it. These boxes can withstand moisture, heat, and hard handling. This makes them an excellent alternative for packaging heavy things such as electronics or delicate items such as jewelry. They’re also ideal for delivery and shipment.

Kraft paper may be molded into a variety of different sorts of boxes, ranging from rigid boxes to folding cartons. This ensures that Kraft paper is always a choice, no matter what sort of product you have.

Inspiration for custom Kraft paper packaging

1 – Ink that is environmentally friendly

While Kraft paper is beautiful on its own, don’t let that deter you from using it to communicate your brand’s narrative through packaging. Kraft paper is one of the plainest papers to print on. In addition, water-based or soy-based inks are more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based inks. You may also use embellishments like embossing and foil stamping to improve the appearance of your packaging.

2 – Kraft inserts made to order

Custom Kraft inserts can also be added to your boxes. These inserts keep your items in place during shipment and decrease the risk of damage. They also give a sense of intrigue to the unpacking process. For example, some brands utilized custom Kraft inserts within their Kraft mailer boxes to keep their skincare items.

3 – Windows with cut-outs

When boxes feature cut-out windows, there is usually a thin layer of plastic covering the cut-out portion. You may just leave your cut-out window without any covers to save using plastic. Some brands, for example, left an open cut-out in their folding carton packaging to offer buyers a sneak peek at their environmentally friendly phone covers. To be true to their philosophy of eco-friendly packaging, they didn’t use any plastic film.

4 – Kraft sleeve and tray boxes

If you want anything other than mailer boxes or folding cartons, tray and sleeve boxes are a good option. Because of the sliding tray that properly displays your items, these boxes are excellent for lightweight packaging products and giving customers a spectacular unpacking experience. There are such examples that make plant-based, ethical, cruelty-free, natural, and organic home, body, and bath products.

5- Kraft gable boxes and bags

Gable packing made of Kraft is also environmentally beneficial. Engineers use recycled materials to make it in order to safeguard the environment. Experts create Kraft gable boxes for a stunning presentation. With its softened edges and expanding area, you can obtain it. Even though they all have the same basic shape, many brands these boxes in a wide range of sizes, each with its own set of characteristics.

Gable boxes are designed to offer food safety, allowing you to packaging sweets and delicacies in a reinforced paper box without sacrificing quality. They also perform well in shop displays and have the ability to stand alone, making Kraft gable packaging ideal for any business.

6- Kraft garment boxes

Kraft garment boxes are the ideal choice to inspire your clients whether you’re thinking of starting a clothes business, textiles, or gifts.

Many packaging companies can assist you in creating the ideal environment for your high-quality goods. Because of their distinctive design, the packing boxes keep your goods safe and secure while also giving delight to the recipients.

Customers like luxurious, efficient, and accessible boxes that are simple to grasp. Therefore, designers construct it to their specifications. Thus, create it out of Kraft paper board, which is the most appropriate packaging material.

Start creating your ecological, cheap, and practical packaging now that you have all the required knowledge about Kraft paper boxes. Stampa Prints offers Kraft paper packaging to its customers and uses smooth ink printing to ensure that the packaging is entirely biodegradable and recyclable.

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