Who we are?

We registered this company in Pakistan in the year 2020 and United Kingdom in 2021 . We are already registered in market and applied for  the license.

QZKCoin is a newly launched cryptocurrency and the man behind this project is Hafiz Nayyar Khurshid, he is a businessman successfully running his fintech company in the United Kingdom.
QZKCoin is powered by Qazeekpay, it is built on peer-to-peer technology that allows people to do their transactions and purchases without any central authority involved.
QZKCoin is secured by decentralized blockchain, every transaction made is recorded permanently, so there is no fraud or scam.

Our Mission

Throwback to the beginning of this idea: we had started this coin to generate the payment from it and invest in licensing and other activities. The major problem was we need huge capital for the payment gateways and we need to collaborate with many companies. And QZKcoin powered by Qazeek Pay will be the source of our income generation and we are seeing this coin at the hype in the crypto field.

Our RoadMap:

We believe in long-term success for QZKCoin, we are truly dedicated to accomplishing its roadmap within
the specified period.
So far second quarter of 2021, we completed the plan as well as the development of QZKCoin, and also
launched it to the cryptocurrency market on 15th June 2021, In the third quarter of 2021, we listed it in the CoinGeck. We listed in Whitepaper launch  and hoping to enlist it in the Coin Market Cap (CMP).
In the fourth quarter of 2021, we are optimistically working to enlist QZKCoin in several big exchanges.
We planned the first quarter of 2022, utilizing the complete % of our Airdrops, and work hard to enlisting
QZKCoin in several well-renowned and huge exchanges of the world

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