What Should Be Included In A Personal Injury Claim?

Common Personal Injury Claims. A personal injury claim is usually made against another person or organization that has caused you harm through negligence. Common personal injury claims are also known as workman’s compensation or medical malpractice claims. A workman’s compensation claim requires compensation for any mental or physical damage that has resulted directly from being in a job that you were not actually at fault for. The most common forms of workman’s compensation claims are work-related accidents, car accidents, and construction site accidents. In addition, accidents that occur on public property such as park accidents can also be filed under a workmen’s compensation claim.

Future Earnings

A claim for future earnings is a way to make up for the monetary loss that you have experienced due to an injury. In order to receive future earnings from your injury, you need to first convince a judge or jury that you will receive future income from your injury. Common future earning claims are for medical, dental, and retinal laser surgeries.

Monetary Compensation

Another important aspect of receiving compensation for injuries is the amount of money that you will be awarded for injuries, lost wages, or future earnings due to the injury. Monetary compensation can come in the form of a settlement, award, or judgment.

Insurance Company Information

You should always retain, prior to submitting your compensation or claim, copies of any insurance policy that may be filed with your local court. Insurance policies often cover losses sustained as a result of work-related accidents. If your claim requires the filing of an insurance policy, a solicitor will be able to assist you with obtaining this type of information.

Documentary Evidence

One of the most important aspects of compensation claims is the proper documentation of all evidence that is required to submit to the court during a trial. For example, if you are filing a claim for injuries that resulted from a road accident, you will be required to retain certain reports. Your solicitor may be able to assist you with acquiring these reports.


Your claim for injury and subsequent injuries often requires the photos (either black and white or in color) of injuries incurred as a result of your accident. These photos may be required for two purposes. First, a judge or jury is likely to see the photos if your claim requires the testimony of a witness. Second, if your Accident Claim Glasgow solicitor is preparing the case for trial, he may require photos to prove that you sustained your injury at a particular location at a particular time during the day. Another important part of any injury claim is the demand letter. This is an imperative document that forces the party to whose property the injury occurs to respond to your claim. In particular, the demand letter requires the injured party to supply medical records that support your claim. These records should include records detailing the nature of your injuries and how they were sustained.


If you sustain injuries as a result of an accident that involves your car, then your lost income claim can include a claim for your car’s value, or what is known as a “value”. In the United Kingdom, this is commonly referred to as a “lump sum”. This lump sum is calculated by adding your car’s market value, which is typically taken from your car insurance, and the cost of all relevant injuries. In the United States, the courts have interpreted “lost income” as meaning less than the actual wages you would have earned.


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