5 ways to be more approachable in university

Well, universities aren’t just for studies. It’s a hub for socializing. People make new friends, hang out, and basically have a bang. For some, it comes super easy. They have a natural talent for it, and it seems that they make friends without any effort. However, socializing and making friends isn’t natural for everyone.

Some people struggle because they don’t know the right tricks to get the job done. A little guidance in the right direction, and they’ll be set. 

If you are struggling in this domain, then the words underneath are just for you. In this article, we shall see the 5 ways you can be more approachable at the university:

1. Smile

Now, this doesn’t mean that you put your lips ear to ear 24/7. It simply means to be a little loose in the body and be casual. People shouldn’t have to be alert when they are around you. 

Also, no one will like to be around you if you frown all the time. Your natural facial expressions should be welcoming rather than intimidating. That’s 101 in the science of being approachable.

2. Get out of the screen

While phones have reduced the communication gaps, it has made socializing even more difficult. After all, even if someone wishes to talk to you, they can’t if you are glued to the screen like a moth to a flame. 

Sure, it’s necessary to be available virtually but know when it’s time to get off the screen and be approachable. People love to have a great company. Ensure that you limit your screen time at the institution and be available if someone wishes to talk to you. Also, a simple wave to a friend or acquaintance can spark brilliant conversations.

All that can only happen once you are out of the phone.

3. Be interesting

One easiest way to be more approachable is to be more interesting. When someone is interesting, people are naturally attracted to know more about them. After all, everyone is looking for a source that adds value to their bank of knowledge.

Be it science, arts, or fiction, if you have something that can hook attention, then you won’t have to struggle much as long as you are willing to show people that you have something interesting to say or do.

4. Don’t be afraid of standing out

In the same vein, you shouldn’t be too enthusiastic about mixing with the crowd. People will have a reason to approach you if you are unique in any regard. Have something that makes you stand out.

If you are the class topper or the class clown, then you need not work hard. You are already in the spotlight. But if you are easily the part of the crowd, then look within and see what can highlight you.

Usually, shows and anime are what make people stand apart from the flock. You can wear merchandise of your favorite anime to the university. That way, you’ll be approached by like-minded people, and bam!

For instance, if you like Assassination Classroom, then you can easily put on the assassination classroom merch that you can easily get at our anime merch store. That way, you’ll be approached by like-minded people with the least effort.

5. Don’t avoid challenges

Many people wish to be approachable but don’t want to make efforts in that domain. If you are really struggling, then you should make an effort. Practice will eventually make you decently approachable. Just don’t stare at the phone or rush up the conversation if someone actually approaches you. 

Stay calm and composed. Remember, at times; you just need to carry out a decent conversation, that’s all. 

Final Words

Being easily approachable pays off great. You can have friends and have the time of your life at the university. If you are struggling in this domain, then surely the tips above will be of concrete help. Just be sure that you are relaxed and open, and the right things will unfold for you!


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