A mesmerizing Experience Chadar trek

Chadar trek is ushering you all with its glamorous extreme beauties that attract you overall. One must be sure of rushing their adrenaline levels with its adventurous offers. Trekking at Chadar trek is really gaining a lot of popularity among everyone in India. You can enjoy the entire 9 days of trekking without exhaustion. So, you can indulge in the thought of thrilling surprises it was going to offer.  This trek is only open for a few days of 50 literally that was from January 1st to 20th February. During this best time, you can grab a chance to glance over the beautiful snow carpeted landscape. 

Experience of 9 days of trekking

Day 1:

On day 1 you can just arrive at the initial spot and rest for further days of the trekking period. You can reach Delhi airport by early morning and from there you can hire a cab or taxi or bus to guest houses. At the guest house, you need to submit the 3 of your passport-size photocopies in addition to identity and address proof that need to be submitted. After the completion of the formalities at the guest house, you are served a cup of tea and a delicious breakfast. Later you can rest there peacefully. At 1’O O’clock you’ll be offered lunch. If someone is feeling dizzy or has a headache, special care will be offered. And if it was serious you can head to hospitals. There are a lot of best-named hospitals.


Day 2:

After you wake up early in the morning if everyone is feeling well without the signs of AMS. You’ll have breakfast and they suggested you pack all the necessary stuff to head a trekking trip. They suggest things like packing the clothes that will resist you from the climatic conditions of the destination spot and women’s hygiene things, stationary tool kits, first aid kits, etc. Then after all got ready you will head to Shanti stupa for a trial walk. You can purchase needy things and take photos to refresh yourself with a new thrilling exciting feeling. 


Day 3:

The next day morning after having breakfast, all are moved to TIC in Leh. With the boarding pass, licensees, and insurances which are filled at guest house forms exactly they verify the documents you offered. And a medical checkup will be done on you by the medical team present at TIC which just costs 200/- per person.  They will check on you about BP levels, oxygen levels, and casual check-ups that need to be done before trekking. And they will investigate you about your past health checkups and health conditions. If everything goes well you will easily get a stamp to get ready for trekking. However, everything here took a complete day and later nearby hotels offers delicious food by night for reasonable prices. 


Day 4:

The actual trekking starts from Today. The vehicle’s got ready to take you to the initial trekking destination spot. The vehicles are full of required equipment and medical kits. The drive there is almost scalable however it is yet amazing with all-around beautiful scenic views.  The roads are best in condition and wide enough for traveling. You will be moved with an adrenaline rush that hurries you to have trekking immediately at any cost. Finally, the time came to pack the stuff for the first campaign building. Of course, it is an awesome feeling to experience a campaign over that type of region. And you must be somehow tired of the journey and continuous walk of 3 hours. 


Day 5:

On day 5 after having breakfast, you will start your trekking towards Tibba cave. Although it was a long glacial snowy walk you will sure feel adventurous and thrilling that made the time flew away. It’s time for a lunch break. It would be a pleasant and easy walk, no more difficult to feel. The surrounding landscapes take your glance from everything and completely fixate on it. Tibba’s campaign site is somehow colder than to ma polar. However, you need to adjust yourself to resist the cold. 



Day 6:

Day 6 is going to stand as a significant trekking period in 9 days of trekking. By today you will completely stand as witnesses for its great beauty such as the frozen waterfall of Narek. They are standing as a backdrop for grabbing the attention of the world widely. Younger people can have a dip in it. Of course, it seems to be tempting that no one can stop you. Your enthusiasm towards trekking will reach a peak state that reaches above the sky. It is just incomparable. You will just get a feel of immense paradise. 


Day 7:

After enjoying your great time at the waterfall you will start walking back towards the roadways ahead. You can reach your campaign site at exactly a fixed time.  


Day 8:

Today, you will glance over the civilization of Leh all around there. Although it is hard for everyone to leave and move back from such a gorgeous place, you need to move on. Then after 1830 Hoyes you will reach Leh and make a stop at Shingra Koma for Lunch. 


Day 9:

And finally, it’s time to arrive back at the airport for the early flight to Delhi airport. You can bag beautiful mesmerizing moments that can cherish your whole life. 

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