How Much Compensation Will I Get For A Dog Bite UK?

A dog bite can have catastrophic effects on the victim’s health and well-being, which is why it is important to file a dog bite claim. Most of us assume that if our dog attacks someone that it automatically causes them injury and a claim for compensation. This is rarely the case. Whilst there may be some cases where your dog bite results in limited injury, you should never rely on this as the basis for filing a compensation claim.

Level Of Compensation

There are two levels of compensation. The first level covers costs and medical expenses up until the date of the final judgment. The second level of compensation is compensation for future care costs, which will include bills for specialist treatment such as braces. The amount of future compensation depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the dog bite. If your dog bite resulted in minor injuries such as broken bones or a cut then your compensation would probably cover them. However, if your dog bite resulted in major damage such as loss of limb or paralysis then you may have to make a larger claim for future care costs.

Factor To Consider

One of the key factors that you have to take into consideration when looking at the Dog Bite Compensation for your dog bite is what type of injury was sustained. For example, if you had a broken bone, this would obviously be taken into account. However, there are other types of claims that can be made for other injuries incurred during the attack.

A dog bite can also lead to additional injuries such as stitches to the face and throat. If you have a fractured bone as a result of your dog attack, you may have to go to hospital with a head wound. In addition, you may receive stitches to help you heal from the injury. This is often a common element in most dog bite claims.

As previously mentioned, you need to make a claim to be able to know how much compensation you will receive following a dog bite. Claims vary considerably from case to case. In general, the courts will award about three-quarters of the actual cost of treating the dog. They also have the power to increase this amount if they think the claim is worth it. Of course, there are a lot of factors at play and a claim for how much compensation will I get for a dog bite in UK can differ greatly from one person to the next.

Nasty Dog

The level of compensation you will receive will depend largely on the individual responsible for your dog’s injuries. If you have a particularly nasty dog then this could play a big role in determining how much compensation you receive. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for dog breeders to use certain breeds of dog to profit from them, and in some cases these dogs could be given unfair advantages in order to create a greater profit margin. For example, it is not uncommon for a puppy mill to give unfair advantages to puppies in order to prevent them from being placed for adoption.

Even if you do have a particularly nasty dog bite which was caused by someone else’s negligence, you will still have an uphill struggle on your hands if you don’t have the required legal representation. It is very rare that a dog bite claim is going to amount to a large sum of money but having the right legal team on your side is crucial. The majority of dog bite claims are won by the defendant so it is important to keep this in mind. Not only are you fighting for compensation for your own pain and suffering but you are also putting other people’s reputation on the line.


As long as you do not blame the dog owner for the attack you will find that the amount of compensation you receive will more than make up for the cost of the attorney.

The last thing you want is to be slotted in the same category as those poor guys who lost their own dogs to the same irresponsible owner, who obviously did not care about how the dog would affect his profits. How much compensation will I get for a dog bite UK?


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